When repairing ion getter pumps, special attention must be paid to cleanliness, as outgassing would severely impair pump performance or processes. Depending on the design, the complete overhaul of ion getter pumps includes the renewal of the cathode plates or the titanium grids as well as the complete overhaul of the anode cylinders, high-voltage feedthrough, attached parts and the pump body. The attached magnets are not required for the overhaul, as only a flashover test is performed. We are also able to overhaul the smaller disposable pumps (up to 20l), which are usually disposed of after consumption. This saves high costs, since a new acquisition is no longer necessary. Ion getter pumps are delivered by us after the dry heating, immediately closed with a flange and evacuated. The test run of the ion getter pumps overhauled/regenerated by us is limited to a flashover test. This means a high voltage test with 6KV. This is the guarantee for an intact IGP. We also have great experience and knowledge in the field of ion getter pump and help to optimize the vacuum process at the customer.

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